A video circulating the internet this week showing a maskless man in a confrontation with employees and patrons of a Big 5 Sporting Goods store, where the man repeatedly uses the N-word.

“We have kids in here,” someone says in response to the man, who is reportedly a livestreamer on Twitch.

“I don’t give a fuck about your kids, n****r,” the streamer replies.

At one point, a man in the store approaches the streamer and an apparent scuffle ensues and the streamer’s phone apparently drops to the ground. An employee then picks up the phone and tells the streamer’s followers that they’re “following a f*cking loser.”

Once outside, the streamer continues to hurl slurs and insults while his girlfriend records and sirens had be heard approaching in the background. According to the Daily Dot, the entire ordeal appears to be “a gag for clout.”

Just as police arrive, the streamer seemingly charges at a bystander, calling him racist and homophobic slurs. He and his accomplice are then arrested.

Watch the video below:


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