A woman was caught on camera assaulting employees and vandalizing a restaurant in Huntington Beach, California, this week.

According to an Instagram user who originally shared the video, the incident occurred Monday night at Market Broiler.

The video begins with the woman in a confrontation with workers near the front of the restaurant, claiming she’s been “discriminated against,” before intentionally bumping into an employee.

“I’m not touching her. She’s touching me,” the woman screams — falsely — as another employee tries to hold her back.

The woman then grabs a handful of objects out of a bowl atop the host kiosk and throws them at the first employee.

The woman’s rant is somewhat unintelligible, and her speech appears slurred, but at one point she demands to speak with another employee, whom she refers to as “the white b*tch” who “mocked me” and “came at me.”

“You have no balls to stand up for your own employees,” the woman says to the first employee, whom she assaulted. “You’re a f*cking traitor. You don’t f*cking deserve your job.”

After the employee picks up the phone — possibly to call police — the woman screams: “Are you vaccinated? You have a mandated responsibility to have your f*cking mask on.”

“I need to see her card,” the woman screams. “I will sue your asses. She has put me at risk. She’s not wearing a mask.”

The woman then picks up a bottle of cleaning fluid from the kiosk and sprays it in the employee’s face. She also grabs other items from the kiosk and appears to damage them.

She continues her meltdown as other employees and customers surround her, attempting to usher her outside.

At one point, an employee asks the woman, “Where’s your mask?”

“I don’t need a mask. I’m vaccinated, b*tch!” she screams, before lunging into the employee’s face, and throwing punches at her.

At the end of the nearly seven-minute video, the woman walks out of the restaurant on her own — but reports on Facebook suggested she was later arrested.

Watch below.


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