Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is boosting her profile by offering a chance to win a .50 caliber rifle.

On Thursday, Greene posted a YouTube video with details of the giveaway.

“Joe Biden abandoned Americans in Afghanistan,” Greene says in the video. “And armed an Islamic terrorist nation with $83 billion in weapons like this one.”

Greene then presents a large .50 caliber rifle to the camera.

“Biden should be impeached,” she continued. “Now I’m doing a gun giveaway of my own for Americans only. I want you to win this .50 caliber rifle that Democrats will ban if they get a chance next year.”

“Nancy Pelosi is sneaking the Green New Deal into the $3.5 trillion budget,” Greene says as she poses with the rifle. “In 2022, I’m going to blow away the Democrats’ socialist agenda.”

The lawmaker then fires the gun at a car that is decorated with the word “socialism.” The car is destroyed in a massive explosion.

Greene claims the Browning .50 caliber rifle is worth $10,000. The rifles are currently banned in California.

Watch the video below.


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