Former Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, police officer Kim Potter on Friday received a 24-month sentence for fatally shooting Daunte Wright.

Potter will serve 16 months in jail and 8 months under supervised release.

Judge Regina Chu handed down the sentence after Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison asked for her to impose the 86-month presumptive sentence for manslaughter.

Prosecutors said a sentence of more than seven years was “appropriate given the loss of life.”

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“The jury found the defendant guilty of this crime. This crime reflects a level of culpability that we agree is not an intentional — it wasn’t an intent to kill Mr. Wright. But it was culpably negligent. It represents a higher state of culpability. For those reasons, we believe the sentence is appropriate. The presumptive sentence is appropriate,” lead prosecutor Matthew Frank said.

The judge said she anticipated criticism of her sentence.

“I recognize there will be those who disagree with the sentence, that I granted a significant downward departure does not in any way diminish Daunte Wright’s life, his life mattered,” she said, urging critics to empathize with the former police officer.


Kim Potter


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