According to Guardian reporter Hugo Lowell, the fact that Donald Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani is still speaking with the House select committee investigating the Jan 6th insurrection could mean some accommodation could be reached for his testimony desp[ite his relationship with the former president.

Speaking with host Alex Witt, Lowell explained one big roadblock is Giuliani will likely balk at testifying by claiming executive privilege since he was the former president’s attorney on Jan 6th.

“What about last week with the reporting about Rudy Giuliani potentially cooperating with the committee but then not too long after that, he claimed the committee has no authority whatsoever — he called it illegal?” the MSNBC host prompted. “What do you make of that? What are the odds that he actually cooperates?”

“Yeah, I think we’re going to have to wait and see about Mr. Giuliani, right?’ the Guardian reporter replied. “My sources confirmed to me that Giuliani is discussing some sort of cooperation arrangement with the committee, so there is definitely some engagement there, and if there is engagement and if there is cooperation, it’s true that that could be really potentially huge.”

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“My guess is that any cooperation arrangement will not involve him violating executive privilege or attorney-client privilege, and I think it’s important to remember, and we’ve discussed this previously, that Rudy Giuliani was Trump’s personal attorney on January 6th, so he is limited to what he can discuss,” he continued. “But if he can find a way, and the committee does have a number of tools in their tool kit there to try to get Giuliani to talk about stuff that may be covered by executive privilege, then that would be significant and it would mark a breakthrough.”

Watch below:

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