Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) repeatedly claimed she didn’t remember her actions and statements supporting Donald Trump’s attempt to remain in the White House, but her critics say that her denials strain credibility.

MSNBC columnist Steve Benen said the Georgia Republican, who’s being sued by a group of constituents who say she should be removed from the ballot for backing insurrection, should be able to remember whether or not she asked the president to declare martial law to overturn his election loss.

“We’re not talking about obscure events from decades ago,” Benen wrote. “Last year, a group of Republicans plotted to overturn an election and derail the transfer of power to the rightful winner of an American presidential election. There’s ample evidence that Greene participated in this effort.”

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Greene literally said on camera that Trump shouldn’t allow the peaceful transfer of power to Joe Biden, and Benen argued that if she truly doesn’t remember uttering such a statement then perhaps she shouldn’t be in Congress.

“What does it say about Greene’s capacity to function as a member of Congress if none of this rings a bell?” he wrote. “Shouldn’t it be deeply embarrassing for the Georgian to not have any recollection of her own actions?”


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