Legendary Watergate journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein were interviewed by CNN’s Jake Tapper after bombshell revelations that she was in contact with “coup memo” author John Eastman during Donald Trump’s attempted coup.

“I think you have got the very tricky situation where the wife of a Supreme Court justice is very obviously involved in some way in a conspiracy in which there really is a conspiracy to overturn, try to attempt a coup to overturn the election results. I think the committee feels they have to go very carefully when you have the wife of a Supreme Court justice who may be involved,” Bernstein said.

“I mean, let’s look at what happened in Watergate where you have a unanimous decision of the Supreme Court to compel Richard Nixon to turn over his tapes, and now you have this whole question of Donald Trump trying to subvert the Constitution, prevent the lawful transition of power to his successor, and now you have a record of correspondence in which Clarence Thomas, a Supreme Court justice, his wife, is obviously involved through documentary evidence that we know already that Bob Woodward wrote about.”

“In some way, her handprints are in this conspiracy, whether benign or not,” he explained. “So we’re going in to an area we have never been before in history of the United States that might involve conversations between the Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife involving a conspiracy to defraud the government and perhaps seditious conduct such as the Proud Boys have been charged with.”

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Tapper also asked about reports that Eastman appeared to have inside information.

“Eastman seems to have insight of what was going on at the Supreme Court, insight that it was not common knowledge at all,” Tapper noted.

“The obvious suggestion, but we don’t know if the suggestion is true or not, is that there was a discussion between Clarence Thomas about what the court may be doing and his wife. So what did the justice know, and what did his wife know? And when did each of them know it? That’s a really relevant question,” Bernstein said.


Woodward and Bernstein



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