WASHINGTON, D.C. — Rep. Pete Aguilar (D-CA) told Raw Story on Tuesday ahead of the House Select Committee hearing that the importance of the immediacy will become very clear after the members meet.

“We felt it was important at the time, I think people will have a better understanding after the hearing,” he said. “But we felt it was timely and important to have this done right now.”

He went on to agree that today is particularly close to Mark Meadows and to former President Donald Trump, both of whom Tuesday witness Cassidy Hutchinson worked under.

“We wouldn’t have this if it wasn’t important,” Aguilar explained.

Three people familiar with the investigation told the Washington Post that the reason for the secrecy “is in part due to credible security threats to a witness.”

Aguilar said that there’s “a lot going on,” implying that there was more than the security aspect of the hearing.

CNN reported ahead of the hearing that Hutchinson brought new information to the committee. While she had a work phone and email, she was also using a personal phone and email, which she has now turned over to the committee.

Last month, Politico revealed Hutchinson told the committee that Meadows incinerated documents after a meeting with Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA). It was previously revealed that Trump attempted to flush documents down the toilet, clogging the pipes in the centuries-old building.

“Meadows played a critical role in shepherding an array of schemes entertained by Trump in his quest to hold onto power,” explained Raw Story’s Jordan Green. “That included hosting meetings with the president and members of the House Freedom Caucus to discuss a plan — much like [Peter] Navarro’s ‘Green Bay Sweep’ — to pressure Vice President Mike Pence to remand the electoral votes back to the battleground states and delay certifying the election for Biden, according to testimony to the January 6th Committee by White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson.”

With additional reporting from Matt Laslo.


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