Appearing on CNN with Host Jim Sciutto, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) served notice to fans of Donald Trump that he is abusing their trust as he tries to remain in the limelight and launch a third run for the presidency.

The morning after the House committee investigating the Jan 6th insurrection presented their case that the former president did nothing for three hours besides watching coverage on the riot on TV, Kinzinger pointed out that it should finally be getting through to supporters of Trump that they are getting played.

“For folks watching right now, should they feel confident that the coming elections are any safer from this kind of attempt to steal an election than they were in 2020?” host Sciutto asked.

“Probably in 2022, yes. 2024, no,” he warned. “Look, it’s — you know I like to stand up and be more optimistic but here’s the deal America — you deserve way better than what is representing you out here. You deserve way better than frankly two parties that are really just entrenched in what it means to take power, how to take power back.”

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“And Republicans in particular, let me talk to you,” he continued. “You deserve far better than somebody that’s going to stand in front of you, knowingly lie to you so they can steal your money from you and tell you lies so that you believe it and then they laugh behind your back.”

“Trust me, they are laughing that they can manipulate you so easily; so you can get mad at people like myself and [Wyoming Republican Rep.] Liz Cheney for telling you the truth,” he elaborated. “But the people you should be mad at are those that are lying to you and completely disgracing you and your family. And that’s what we have to, as Americans, say if our parties aren’t going to represent us, we have to do something different, dang it. It’s up to us to take our party back.”

Watch below:

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