One day after actress Anne Heche was hospitalized after the second of two car crashes resulted in a fire, TMZ is continuing to follow-up on its investigation into whether alcohol was a factor.

In its initial story, TMZ published a photo looking inside Heche’s car after the first crash, which she was captured on video fleeing.

“Look closely at the photo of Anne inside the car (above) … there’s a bottle with a red cap in the cupholder next to the gearshift, and it looks like a bottle of alcohol,” TMZ reported.

On Saturday, TMZ published a new video that appears to show Heche’s blue Mini Cooper speeding down a residential street.

“Another piece of the puzzle seems to be placing itself in this awful story — the same day Anne crashed in Los Angeles … an episode of her podcast, ‘Better Together,’ aired and it suggests she might’ve possibly been boozing heavily that very same day,” TMZ reported.

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“Anne recounts how she’d had a tough week, explaining people had interrupted her meditating at her apartment building — the same Johnny Depp and Amber Heard stayed at in DTLA. Again, we’re not sure when this was recorded … but it was posted Friday, the day Anne crashed,” TMZ reported. “It looks like Anne and Heather usually film their podcasts as well, but there’s no visual treatment for this latest episode — only audio. There are older videos of their stuff, though.”

A Fox LA helicopter filmed firefighters taking a person to an ambulance on a stretcher. Shortly before arriving, the person throws of a white sheet and sits up while flailing their arms.

Raw Story slowed down the video, which you can watch below or at this link.

Mar Vista ambulance.

Watch the original Fox LA video:


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