Donald Trump’s mood has shifted as his legal liability keeps looking worse as more information comes out about why the FBI executed a search warrant at Mar-a-Lago.

On Saturday, The Washington Post published online a lengthy deep-dive on the events leading up to the search warrant and the resulting fallout. The story had correspondents Josh Dawsey, Rosalind S. Helderman, Jacqueline Alemany and Devlin Barrett on the byline.

The four reported, “Trump and his close allies quickly became transfixed by the events unfolding in Palm Beach, people familiar with the day said. Some monitored the agents via CCTV security cameras as they searched Trump’s office and personal quarters and a first-floor storage facility, another of his lawyers, Christina Bobb, told Fox News. Distracted, Trump kept jumping on the phone, Fischetti said, trying to figure out why the agents, casually dressed in khakis and polo shirts to cause less of a scene, were roaming the seaside facility he had tried to brand ‘the winter White House,’ which was mostly closed for the summer.”

Trump initially thought the Espionage Act investigation would help him.

“Immediately after the search, Trump seemed to believe the FBI had played into his hands. Instead of exhibiting any concern, two people who spoke to him Monday evening both reported that Trump was ‘upbeat,’ convinced the Justice Department had overreached and would cause Republicans to rally to his cause and help him regain the presidency in 2024,” the newspaper reported. “By Friday, however, the unsealed court records showed agents had seized 11 sets of classified documents, among other things. Republicans’ howls of protest became somewhat more muted, and people around Trump said his buoyant mood at times turned dark.”

The Saturday report came as Trump was bragging about his fundraising on his Truth Social website and launching a new conspiracy theory about Joe Biden.

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Read the full report.


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