CNN traveled to Bedford County, Pennsylvania this week to take local voters’ temperature about Republican Senate nominee Dr. Mehmet Oz.

What they found was voters were lining up behind Oz, although they didn’t hide the fact that they weren’t happy about it.

In fact, some voters said they were more voting against Democratic rival John Fetterman than in favor of Oz.

“People in Bedford County are probably going to hold their noses and vote for them because Fetterman is a dead loss as a candidate,” said Bedford County voter Ned Frear.

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Fellow Bedford County voter Clay Buckingham went even farther in expressing his dislike for Oz.

“That’s my feeling about Oz: I’m sorry I have to vote for him,” he said. “But I’d rather see him as a senator than Fetterman.”

Oz barely won a GOP primary earlier this year amid an acrimonious battle with rival David McCormick.

Since then, he has been pounded relentlessly by Fetterman for having his primary residence in New Jersey and for being out of touch with the needs of Pennsylvania residents.

According to polling averages aggregated by FiveThirtyEight, Fetterman currently leads Oz by roughly 9 percentage points.

Watch the video below or at this link.

‘That’s my feeling about Oz: I’m sorry I have to vote for him’


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