Andrew Weissmann, a former FBI lawyer and prosecutor on special counsel Robert Mueller’s team, said that he believes there has been a change of “will” at the Justice Department has changed in the Jan. 6 investigations.

Thus far, the DOJ has been focusing on the 900-plus people who were in the Capitol, attacked police officers and broke through doors and windows. Weissmann explained that the House Select Committee investigating the attack started their probe at the top, where DOJ started at the bottom.

“The Justice Department would argue that they have not caught up so much that they are — they were not trying to catch up, but their investigation start from a very different place,” said Weissmann. “We can see that they are basically looking at everything. They are looking at the actions taken by Trump’s closest inner circle ahead of the rally on Jan. 6 to see what was going on there. We know they are looking at seditious conspiracy because they have already charged two of those cases. It is unclear whether or not they have found any connections between those people charged who are members of far-right nationalist groups including oath keepers and proud boys with anybody close to the ee’s inner circle. And also looking at placing people in key swing states to having them falsely always that Donald Trump won in those states.”

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He noted that there has obviously been movement on the fake electors’ piece of the Jan. 6 because the 40 subpoenas were handed out to a number of lawmakers and political operatives that were part of those involved.

He also cited a comment from former federal prosecutor Joyce Vance who said that the investigation is going to take a while and that it is in the early stages of this piece of it.

“It will take a long time now for the FBI to come through whatever it is that people give them to find the information responsive to their investigation. So they are moving, but still, I think fairly early to middle stages of the investigation,” he said.

See the video below or the link here.

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The ‘will’ has changed in going after the top of the Jan. 6 probe actors over the insurrectionists


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