New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman released her new book “Confidence Man,” a 600-plus-page volume of the decades she spent reporting on former President Donald Trump.

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace, speaking to Haberman, noted that there were several anecdotes in the book.

One Haberman recalled was an illustration of Trump’s obsession with his manliness and his intelligence. She explained that Trump gets mad when people talk about how much he watches television because he interprets it as a slight on his intellect.

In another incident, she recalled Trump obsessing over his virility, as the accusation by adult film star Stormy Daniels about the appearance of his genitals was a serious issue to him.

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Trump’s obsession with manliness cropped up again after the January 6th Capitol riots when Fox News asked spokesman Hogan Gidley if he felt “emasculated” after having his Twitter account suspended.

“I wouldn’t say emasculated,” Gidley replied. “The most masculine person, I think, to ever hold the White House is the president of the United States.”

According to Haberman, this thrilled Trump.

“Trump called his former adviser to tell him he was correct, and had aides play the video of Gidley speaking several times,” Haberman writes.

Another incident in the book recalls Trump’s obsessive display of manhood on full display as he would “him brandishing photos of scantily clad women with whom he claimed to have been involved,” former employees told Haberman. “He appeared to keep the photos on hand to illustrate his boastful rendering of masculinity.”

See Haberman’s take below and read more about Haberman’s book here.

Trump’s obsession with masculinity


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