Scandals in Herschel Walker’s personal life took another bizarre turn after the former NFL star denied knowing the identity of the woman who accused him of reimbursing her for an abortion and sending a “get well” card.

After the report initially broke in The Daily Beast on Monday, the GOP nominee’s son, Christian Walker, took to social media, saying he believed the report before detailing alleged abuse and death threats from his father.

As Walker struggled to contain the damage, he went on Fox News for an interview with Brian Kilmeade, who asked if the Heisman Trophy-winner knew the identity of the woman in question.

“Not at all,” Walker replied. “And that’s what I hope everyone can see. It’s sort of like everyone is anonymous, or everyone is leaking, and they want you to confess to something you have no clue about.”

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Roger Sollenberger, who wrote the initial story for The Beast, followed up with his source in a new report.

The woman said that in addition to Walker paying for an abortion, they also had a child together. The Daily Beast says Walker has publicly acknowledged the child is his.

“Sure, I was stunned, but I guess it also doesn’t shock me, that maybe there are just so many of us that he truly doesn’t remember,” she said. “But then again, if he really forgot about it, that says something, too.”

Herschel Walker responds to report he paid for abortion


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