MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough gingerly worked through Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker’s apparent mental problems.

Republicans have rallied around the Georgia candidate after a woman revealed that he had paid for her abortion and Walker’s son harshly criticized him as an abusive and absentee father, and the “Morning Joe” host highlighted Newt Gingrich pointing out that the former NFL star likely suffered from football-related brain damage.

“You heard me talking very carefully about Herschel Walker because this is,” Scarborough said, “Because I do believe this is a guy who has suffered for quite some time with mental-emotional problems. And there is so much overwhelming evidence that, I guess, again, I’m just flabbergasted with what Newt said. I wonder if you start connecting the dots and you look at fact that overwhelming majority of pro athletes that retire do actually have great challenges, and we’ve seen tragically those that have played in college and the NFL have had emotional regulation problems, have had mental lapses, have had struggles with depression. It’s a real tragedy.”

“I’m certainly not making light of that,” he added. “But you look at the fact that Herschel Walker has trouble completing sentences, has trouble concentrating, and maybe Newt Gingrich is onto something. I can’t believe I’m saying it — maybe he’s onto something there. The tragedies surrounding football players and CET are all around us, we read sad stories every day. I wonder if maybe Newt Gingrich accidentally stumbled on to something that perhaps we should be focused on a little more and be sensitive about.”

Walker’s son released videos of himself questioning his father’s decision to run for the U.S. Senate, and Scarborough said Donald Trump had made a “cruel” decision to elevate someone so manifestly unqualified.

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“You really do wonder, wasn’t there anybody around him that could have stopped him, that could have protected him, that could have stopped this slow-motion train wreck?” Scarborough said. “His son said that his entire family begged him not to do it. It’s kind of like Rudy Giuliani, a guy who we know was at one point called America’s mayor, credited for having a large part in an incredible turnaround in New York City. So many times I see Rudy Giuliani going out clearly, clearly having lost several steps. In fact, Donald Trump said that even back in 2016, that Rudy’s lost more than a few steps. You’re like, where are the people protecting these folks?”

“With Herschel, you go, come on, who would be cruel enough to put this guy out there?” he added. “Then, of course, you look and see, it wasn’t Mitch McConnell — he didn’t want him in there. It wasn’t any Georgia Republican — they want to win the seat. They should be 8, 10 points up right now. But Donald Trump picks a guy who shouldn’t be out there. Not only is it not in the Republican Party’s best interest, it’s probably not in his own personal best interest to be going through what he’s going to be going through over the next several weeks.”

Watch the video below.

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