Rick Wilson unleashed on the Republican Party for trying to justify Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker’s “family values” after a series of scandals has rocked their way through his personal life.

The first series of scandals began when it was revealed Walker had a number of children he abandoned after impregnating their mothers. The more recent scandal is that one of those women had an abortion that Walker paid for. Meanwhile, the candidate continues to paint himself as a Christian, pro-life and pro-family. While Walker continues to deny the claim that he paid for one or more abortions, he also claims that God has forgiven him for paying for one or more of the abortions.

In his struggle to explain away his behavior, Walker has done several interviews as well as a Q&A with media. “I would have said it, because it’s nothing to be ashamed of there,” he said. He also said that he didn’t know the accuser, which is false as they also have a child together.

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“What it tells you about the contemporary Republican Party is that the things that were what we thought were defining characteristics of an acceptable candidate when we were in the Republican Party, things like moral character and personal responsibility and integrity and holding to what you believe in, those things are completely out of the picture now,” said Wilson, a former Republican strategist, during an MSNBC appearance. “Those things are — have been subsumed into a party that wants victory. They want more judges. They want the Senate so that they can execute on the narrow set of ideological checklist of incentives they want. They don’t believe in anything. They’ll get there however they can.”

He went on to say that when it comes to Walker there were so many people who he was willing to destroy their lives and that Republicans knew this before it broke in the news. He recalled Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) desperately trying to keep Walker out of the race. But McConnell isn’t in charge of the GOP anymore, Donald Trump is.

“They didn’t let the world know but they let insiders know that his skeleton closet was like a graveyard convention,” continued Wilson. “Things like this and beyond. He is a destructive person. He is not a morally acceptable person in the realm of any kind of candidate. If the Republicans had the shoe on the other foot, they would be losing their damn minds.”

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Wallace noted that at this point in the life of the Republican Party the horrifying scandals among their party have resulted in people like Judge Roy Moore, who was alleged of being a sexual predator of young girls.

“During that race with Doug Jones and Roy Moore, we were doing independent stuff and we were able to split off Republican women in particular from him just because of the disgusting, unacceptable nature of what he was and did,” Wilson said. “I don’t know that that number is not out there still. It takes a lot more shock and awe now, because there are still plenty of Republicans who are going to say, well, if it’s not Walker who is imperfect, I’m going to have to pick the socialist cannibal, or whatever. They make up this catalog of imaginary demons in their head about what the Democrats are. They use it to justify a lot of their choices.”

Watch video below or at this link.

Rick Wilson says GOP has removed ethics ^ morals from their party: ‘They don’t believe in anything’



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