In her column for the Bulwark, conservative commentator Amanda Carpenter noted what transpired at a debate in Arizona on Thursday night between GOP challenger Blake Masters and incumbent Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) and came away less than impressed with the Republican whose demeanor — and answers — left her cold.

Quipping that Masters came across as an “alien” compared to Kelly –who she pointed out is “an honest-to-goodness astronaut” — Carpenter, who used to write speeches for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) called Masters’ performance “weird.”

Dubbing him a “Peter Thiel creation” based on Masters’ candidacy having been championed with major financial support by the controversial tech billionaire, the conservative columnist cut right to the chase when describing Masters by first calling him “a bastard conglomeration of the internet and Trumpism.’

“Take one part Silicon Valley bro and add one part rad-trad Crossfit philosophy, shake on some Stanford pretentiousness, stretch it out into something that resembles a slightly more human form than Jared Kushner and you’ll get the idea,” she wrote before adding, “Whenever Kelly tried to make a point about the upcoming elections and democracy, Masters steered the conversation to how the FBI supposedly suppressed information in some deep-state conspiracy to elect President Joe Biden. It was as if Masters were speaking another language.”

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According to Carpenter, no matter the question in the PBS debate, Masters managed to insert mentions of the FBI, Hunter Biden and “Big Media” in an attempt to cater to his base.

Admitting that Kelly also had some flat moments, she suggested that the needle probably didn’t move for either candidate –with the Democrat already maintaining a lead.

“To call the event a ‘debate’ would imply some discussion, some exchange of ideas. No such luck,” she wrote before concluding, “The candidates talked past each other. No memorable points were made. No fireworks. Nothing changed—which is probably a net good for Kelly, who is up four points in the RealClearPolitics poll average.”

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