Kayne West blasted Jared Kushner on Fox News on Thursday in an apparently widening grudge against Ivanka Trump’s husband and his brother.

The appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show came the same day West posted, “f*ck Josh Kushner” on Instagram, the NY Post reported. “Jared was holding Trump back.”

The tabloid said the social media attack against Josh Kushner was “over his investments in Kim Kardashian’s underwear line.”

“While the exact stake Thrive owns in SKIMS is unclear, Kushner’s firm most recently participated in a January 2022 fundraising round that valued the company at $3.2 billion, according to Reuters. West also reportedly owns a stake in SKIMS,” the NY Post reported.

West discussed the Abraham Accords with Tucker Carlson.

“I just think it was to make money,” West said.

Earlier in the interview, West said, “Come on man, Trump’s the sh*t. What do you mean? He has his own buildings. What are you talking about? He’s like Ralph Lauren. He made Ivanka.”

West also mentioned Jared Kushner’s wife in his Instagram post.

“Ivanka is fire,” West wrote.

Watch below or at this link:


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