The 1776 American revolution will be celebrated by a new AR-15 schedule to be released on Black Friday.

In a video posted to social media by Brownells, Inc., a man in a blue colonial-era jacket walks along a path carrying a cardboard box.

“Now is the time to claim your birthright, declare your freedom, and join with the Sons of Liberty,” the man said.

On the outside, the box said “Sons of Liberty Gun works” with 1776, two muskets, and a scull wearing a tricorn hat.

Inside the box was an AR-15 lower receiver, the key component of the AR platform that is considered a firearm, along with the words, “this displeases the crown.”

The social media post said the rifle would be “exclusive” to Brownells, Inc.

Pete Brownell is the CEO of the company, which was founded by his grandfather in Iowa in 1939.

Brownell was elected president of the National Rifle Association in 2017, The Des Moines Register reported at the time.

“The NRA’s president serves as chairman of the board. Day-to-day operations are run by CEO and executive vice president Wayne LaPierre, who was re-elected to those positions at the annual meeting,” the newspaper reported. “He was elected second vice president of the NRA in 2013 and was elected first vice president in 2015.”

Brownell was succeeded as NRA president by Oliver North.


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