At least one Texas high school student shouted monkey noises as a Black player on a visiting basketball team shot free throws.

Students sitting in the Marble Falls High School section hooted like a monkey while Asia Prudhomme, a senior on the East Central High School girls team, stood at the foul line taking a free shot, reported KVUE-TV.

“This is sad, heartbreaking and uncalled for,” Prudhomme tweeted after the game. “Can’t even play basketball without ignorance and racism in the stands. This really broke my heart, my coaches and teammates … please share this out and help us punish those involved.”

Prudhomme said she didn’t hear the noises during the game because she was focused on her free throws, as she’s been coached to do, but her school’s athletic director said some parents heard the harassment and told Marble Falls administrators right away.

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“They did not ask them to leave,” said East Central athletic director Suzette Arriola. “They never escorted anyone out of there.”

Marble Falls, which is about 50 percent white and only about 1.5 percent Black, is investigating video of the incident and plans to take disciplinary action once the students who yelled are identified, but Prudhomme’s coach expressed her frustration.

“This situation was hard,” said East Central coach Vanessa Villareal in a statement. “Speaking to my girls about this was hard. Our weekend was not ruined by this. Our kids grew & I wish I could show what our girls did on the bus once we discussed it. Our girls are amazing people who love each other so much! I love them for that!”


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