Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine is growing more “catastrophic” for the Russian military, which has been losing territory in the country for the past several months.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, United Kingdom Defense Secretary Ben Wallace outlined just how poorly things are going for Russia while also urging the Ukrainian military to keep pressing and maximize its advantages.

“A Russian unit was recently deployed with no food and no socks, and not many guns,” Wallace told the publication. “That is catastrophic for a person going in the field… The Russians have scale, but are not very good. Well, most of the good ones are dead.”

Wallace went on to describe the Russian strategy as being one giant “meat grinder” and he argued that “only a nation that does not care for its own people could send 100,000 of its own people to be either dead, injured, or deserted.”

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Wallace said that it was no time for Ukraine to rest on its laurels, however.

“Given the advantage the Ukrainians have in equipment training and quality of their personnel against the demoralized, poorly trained, poorly equipped Russians, it would be in the Ukraine’s interest to maintain momentum through the winter,” he argued.

Read the full interview at this link.


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